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About Us

Authentic: Grooves is a performance-based dance collective.

We are committed to eliminating preconceived notions about dance in order to tap into an uninhibited world and inspire the creation of art and dance enthusiasts. We do this through a focus on entertainment, education, and community.

Authentic: Grooves is rooted in the concept of collaboration, communication, and the physical exploration and complexities of human emotions. Each Company Member merges problem solving, physical skill, and an emotional journey to nurture continual growth. Authentic: Grooves’ holistic approach to movement, honors and celebrates the individual artistic voice of each Company Member. This is an integral part of translating, individual and collective, work from studio to stage.

Authentic: Grooves’ unique movement vocabulary conveys ideas, concepts, and emotions to establish an authentic connection with audiences. Authentic: Grooves understands that dance is a universal language that can be used as a vessel to express emotions and discover confidence and can affect all walks of life; further driving the company to make it accessible to all and reach audiences in unexpected ways.

Authentic: Grooves has performed at a variety of venues, including:

  • “MixMatch Festival”
  • Alvas Showroom
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Highways Performance Space
  • Los Angeles Dance Festival
  • RAW Artists in Hollywood, San Francisco, Orange County, and Colorado
  • San Pedro Festival of the Arts
  • The Madrid Theatre
  • The San Diego Art Festival
  • The Shift/West Residency, Brokus Studios
  • Versatility Dance Festival, Santa Monica
  • Virtually on Zoom and Twitch

The company continues to investigate unique and authentic ways of connecting to their audience.

Team members + Collaborations
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