Guest Artists

Circles We Draw

Circles We Draw is a Retro Vague Rock band from Denver, CO. The Retro Vague Rock sound consists of Modern Indi Rock with heavy arrangement influences from Folk, Jazz, and 60s/70s era Rock n Roll. “Circles” lineup consists of

Andrew Tallent (Vox/guitar)

Rob Diuxon (Bass/vox)

Patrick Swallows (Drums)

Authentic: Grooves has had the pleasure of collaborating with them on a recent music video for their release of “Endless Pathways” and enjoyed dancing to their live music in recent performance

You can check them out at:

Website – YouTube – Instagram – Facebook


Jesse Hunter

Jesse Hunter is a talented musician who can be heard around the Boulder Denver area. Authentic: Grooves has had the pleasure of having Jesse perform live in recent performances. In addition, we have enjoyed collaborating with Jesse in the creation of original scores for Authentic: Creations pieces.

You can reach out to Jesse: