Your support matters

Become a Collaborator

Authentic: Grooves relies on the generosity of community leaders and art enthusiasts to share our craft. We invite you to collaborate with us and help us continue to bring opportunities to our communities. Your support is key. We make it easy and rewarding for you to collaborate with us. Most frequently, we collaborate with sponsors and donors using the models presented below. If you have another idea, reach out to us; we are always open to ideas to establish a mutually beneficial collaborative relationship. We can tailor your involvement to meet your needs and align with your mission and values. 

1.     Give-Back Collaborator Program. This program presents a unique way to support Authentic: Grooves and increase the visibility of your products. In the spirit of collaboration, Authentic: Grooves encourages our community to purchase your items when they are looking for gifting ideas or something special for themselves. In return, you provide us a promotional code to be used at checkout that will direct a percentage of the sale to be given to Authentic: Grooves as a donation.

2.     In-Kind donation. This option offers an opportunity to donate a product or service to Authentic: Grooves. We encourage you to also offer a coupon to invite our followers to become your customer. Donation frequency can be one-time, repeating, or periodic.

3.     Cash Donation. This option offers an opportunity to provide a monetary donation to Authentic: Grooves. Donation frequency can be one-time, repeating, or periodic. 

When you support Authentic: Grooves, you’ll enjoy benefits and recognition; including event tickets and discounts, gratitude for your support on our website, social media, live streams, programs, etc. We also offer opportunities to engage your employees in performances, classes, and events. Furthermore, we live stream all of our events therefore collaborating with us furthers your reach in the public and social media.

We are passionate about sharing our craft. As a sponsor, you help make this possible while supporting community are, education and wellness.