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Beautiful Handmade Polymer Clay Accessories!

Email: claywireco@gmail.com

Beautiful Hand Crafted Door Hangers, Feeling Jars, and More!

Email: MCervanteso@pmcu.org

UV Reactive Prints-Products-Wearables-Drones

We Print YOUR Photos with UV reactive ink to make them look EXTRAORDINARY under BLACKLIGHT

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Drone Services Photography - Videography Live Streaming
From Human Being to Being Human
Hand Crafted fun for all to enjoy! Pillows - Plushies - Wearables email: mcmurdo22@yahoo.com

Cleansing products and services that promote loving healing energy.  I work with our Angels/Guides/Spirit to release unwanted energy from your mind, body, and sou

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  • Hand Painted purse by CFish Create
  • Fitwall Membership by Fitwall
  • Kids Basket by the Carol Rose Fund


  • Amazon Gift Card by NEOS UV Creations
  • Bottle of Wine by Turkey Creek Patrons      of Dance
  • AG Merch by The Carr Family